Sales Bootcamp

A nine-week, bootcamp-style coaching program for service based business owners invented to empower you get the right clients and grow your business through the power of applied psychology.

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The Challenge

Most entrepreneurs struggle with sales.

And yet, there are people who figure out to get what they want. What do they have in common?
Are you a service based business owner who is facing a seemingly insurmountable wall, experiencing the common struggles that come with building something greater than yourself? You're not alone. But let me assure you, there is a way to overcome these challenges and emerge triumphant.
Let's dive into the symptoms of your entrepreneurial journey and uncover the solutions to elevate your business to new heights.

You don't know how to get more high paying clients.

You've done all the right things—your website is up, you're creating compelling content, and you're tirelessly networking. Yet, finding new clients seems like an elusive dream. But fear not, because there's a breakthrough waiting for you. Together, we'll uncover effective strategies to locate and attract your ideal clients, ensuring they find you and your business.


You’re not making enough money.

Your revenue has plateaued, leaving you feeling stagnant and frustrated. But don't despair. The keys to unlocking exponential growth lie within your grasp. By identifying the untapped opportunities and revenue streams specific to your business, we'll empower you to generate more income and witness the financial success you deserve.


You are suck at the same level.

You yearn for bigger, more ambitious projects, but the competition seems to have an edge. The thought of charging higher rates and working with renowned clients may seem daunting, but it's not an unattainable dream. We'll delve into proven methodologies that will enable you to position your business as a high-value solution provider, leading to increased demand, premium pricing, and a transformative shift in your work.


You don't know how to get better clients.

Those dream clients that seem worlds apart or unapproachable can indeed become a reality. It's time to break down the barriers and step into your full potential. We'll equip you with the strategies and mindset required to connect with influential clients, work with prominent brands, and differentiate yourself from the competition. Your path to reaching the top tier of clients starts here.

MEET Daniel Karim

I've walked the same path you're on right now.

I've encountered every obstacle imaginable—revenue plateaus, the suffocating feeling of being stuck in a declining industry, the challenges of building and managing a top-notch team. I've experienced it all. But amidst these trials, I discovered a secret that can shield you from these pitfalls and propel your business to unprecedented growth. It's the key that has unlocked my success, and I'm thrilled to share it with you.

Scaled TBU from 0€ to +1M Worth < 12 Month
Author of 300 Books & Host of The Psychology Podcast
Co-founder of Eternity AI
Learn more about Daniel

Better sales skills, better better business.

Ignite your service-based digital business with an elite roster of game-changing clients.
Are you prepared to unlock the pathway to extraordinary success and propel your digital service business to unparalleled heights? The secret lies in cultivating a lineup of exceptional clients, but make no mistake, the journey demands unwavering dedication and strategic finesse.

Envision a world where you're immersed in the projects you've always dreamt of. Picture effortlessly securing high-ticket clients, eliminating any concerns about monthly revenue. Watch your confidence soar to unprecedented levels, erasing any doubts that once held you back.

Attract your ideal clients with magnetic precision.

What you emit into the world has a powerful gravitational pull. Every word on your website, every element in your brand's identity, and every masterpiece in your portfolio must harmoniously align to captivate the right clients. When you seamlessly attract potential clients, you'll witness a steady stream of high-quality leads flowing effortlessly into your realm. And here's the game-changer—you'll have the freedom to be selective, handpicking the clients that truly align with your vision.


Don't let the opportunity slip through your fingers.

Nothing stings more than watching your dream client slip away, right? That heart-wrenching moment when a meticulously crafted proposal fails to secure the deal. But fear not, my friend. It's time to master the art of closing. With the right strategies in place, you'll transform those dream clients into devoted patrons, ensuring that the next time they grace your doorstep, they become loyal, long-term partners.


Create Home Run Offers That Are Too Sexy To Resist

Cashflow is the lifeblood of your business. To safeguard its prosperity, you must master the art of pricing your projects with precision. Bid farewell to antiquated hourly rates or arbitrary project-based charges. Instead, embrace the paradigm shift of value-based pricing. When you unlock the true worth of your services, your revenue will surge with every passing month, propelling your business towards seamless scalability.


Deliver exceptional work that leaves an indelible mark.

Great clients demand nothing short of excellence. The caliber of work you produce, your unwavering commitment to meet deadlines, and your seamless communication with clients all lay the foundation for enduring relationships. It's imperative to fortify your processes, ensuring all moving parts align effortlessly. When you and your team operate at the pinnacle of efficiency, you'll consistently deliver awe-inspiring results that leave a lasting imprint on your clients' minds.


Learn how to turn every No into a Yes.

Learn how to adopt ultimate responsibility for your sales calls by getting secret persuasion skills that will allow you to get people to do what you want. Whether its the art of objection handling, down-selling or using bonuses or guarantees to help you to close your home run offer, this course won't let you go until you have new weapons at your disposal.


Build a company that grows and works without you.

If your business isn't working and growing without you being there, you don't own a business, your business owns you. In this course you will also learn how to adopt the mindset of a true entrepreneur who isn't selling time, but who's creating systems that solve meaningful problems for others even when you are not working. Ready to scale the fck up?


Make our experience your shortcut!

Over two decades of question based selling, plus bulletproof scripts, techniques and personal stories.
While you certainly have the grit to navigate this roadblock alone, why settle for the arduous path when our invaluable experience is readily available to you? We're driven by a genuine desire to spare you from the costly mistakes and missed golden opportunities that we encountered on our own journey. We've painstakingly documented every cautionary tale, warning sign, and foolproof guide within the depths of this program.

Here's the game-changing aspect that sets sales Bootcamp apart from the rest: We aren't just theorists or mere spectators. We've walked the walk, tasted success, and amassed a treasure trove of accolades, certifications, and delighted clients. Our track record speaks volumes about our unrivaled expertise.

What you will learn


Millionaire Mindset

Learn how to rewrite your beliefs and how to tap into a mindset that works for instead of against you.


Positioning Yourself As World Leading Expert

Embark on a journey to become the best in the world at serving your ideal clients.


Persuasive Packaging

Learn how to design home run offers that are too sexy to say no to.


Meaningful Manipulation

Learn with the sales scale syntax how to use persuasion tactics to get people to do what you want.


Purposeful Prospecting

Learn how to tap into a relentless prospecting style in which you leave no stone unturned until you get your next client.


Conviction Calls

Learn how to be a sales God on the phone with psychological listening and question skills.


Objection Handling

Learn how to form unbeatable objection handling skills that transform every no into a yes.


Closing & Contracting

Learn how to become a closer so that you help people to come to the conclusion that you are the right person for them.


Sales Scaling

The final modul touches on hiring & installing pipelines that lead to PR, Fundraising or assembling your dream team.

Trusted by 300+ service based business owners

How much different would your life be if you would become a world-class sales person?
Sales Bootcamp alumni consist of knowledge merchants, freelancers, coaches, and digital business owners with service based product professionals from around the world.
The Sales Bootcamp has been a transformative experience for my therapy practice. Learning skills like active listening and objection handling has allowed me to connect better with potential clients, effectively communicate the value of therapy, and increase my client base. Thanks to the bootcamp, my business has thrived.
Emily Johnson
Attending the Sales Bootcamp was the best decision I made for my motivational speaking career. I learned essential techniques like question-based selling and closing, enabling me to engage my audience on a deeper level and secure more speaking engagements. This bootcamp has truly elevated my success as a speaker.
The Sales Bootcamp has revolutionized my freelancing business. I gained invaluable skills in prospecting and positioning myself as a freelancer, which has led to a steady stream of high-quality clients. This bootcamp has equipped me with the tools to excel in the competitive freelance market
Sarah Thompson
Thanks to the Sales Bootcamp, I have been able to take my design business to new heights. Learning effective sales techniques and objection handling has enabled me to confidently communicate the value of my designs to clients. As a result, I have secured larger projects and built long-lasting client relationships.
Mark Anderson
The Sales Bootcamp has been a game-changer for my marketing agency. Learning the art of question-based selling and closing has enabled me to better understand my clients' needs and provide tailored solutions. This bootcamp has elevated my agency's success and reputation in the industry.
Rachel Thompson
Attending the Sales Bootcamp has been instrumental in my career as a developer. I gained crucial skills like active listening and objection handling, which have allowed me to effectively communicate the value of my coding services to clients. Thanks to the bootcamp, I have expanded my client base and increased my revenue.
The Sales Bootcamp has transformed my career as an author. I learned powerful techniques like question-based selling and closing, which have helped me secure book deals and build a loyal reader base. This bootcamp has given me the confidence and skills to succeed in the competitive publishing industry."
Jeff Adams
Thanks to the Sales Bootcamp, my coaching business has experienced tremendous growth. Learning effective sales techniques like objection handling and positioning has allowed me to attract more clients and deliver better results. This bootcamp has been a catalyst for my success as a coach.
Alex Davis

Don't merely purchase this program.

Invest in it wholeheartedly. The concepts, strategies, and profound insights awaiting you demand your unwavering dedication and diligent effort. Mastering them requires more than a financial transaction—it necessitates your relentless commitment.
Now, let's be crystal clear— I don't promise you overnight success (because let's face it, that's an illusion for anyone). However, what I can assure you is that investing in Sales Bootcamp will prove to be a game-changer, saving you invaluable time, money, and effort in the long run. The wealth of knowledge I share in each module has been forged through decades of tumultuous journeys, scraped knees, and financial setbacks. My sole aim is to spare you from those hardships.

Remember, no one can do your pushups for you, but an exceptional coach will safeguard you from unnecessary injuries. If you're genuinely prepared to elevate your business to unparalleled heights, the time has come to make an unwavering commitment.

Earn Your Investment Back In As Little As Two Weeks

Nine modules, nine weeks, nine consultation calls with CEO of TBU™, Daniel Karim. Welcome to Sales Bootcamp!
We understand that the tried-and-true path of slow and steady progress can lead to success. However, there are moments when massive action and unwavering accountability take center stage, propelling you towards remarkable outcomes. This is precisely why Sales Bootcamp was meticulously crafted—to accelerate your results, allowing you to reap the rewards sooner rather than later. In the dynamic world of business, sometimes it pays off to be the hare, without succumbing to prolonged periods of rest.





12 H

HOURS OF Coaching

Oh, and yeah, there is more....

You are getting a Life Time Membership for The Behaviour University (worth 2000€)

You read that correctly, sign up for sales bootcamp and you make an investment into yourself that will help you to become the best founder you can be.

Are you ready for sales bootcamp?

Sales Bootcamp isn't open to anyone, we reject 90% of people who apply. But if you and your business check of these boxes, we want you in the program.
You are a seasoned veteran who has been running his online business for more than 3 years.
You are under 1.000.000 in revenue but above $50.000
You have a team but your business does not work or grow without you.
You are open to learn & unlearn.

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