My mission is to help 1 billion people

My mission is it to empower people within the next 36 months to become the hero of their own story.

Our Progress
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Changing the world starts with changing ourselves

We are on a mission to help 1.000.000 people to become the heroes of their own story within the next 36 months.

Some is is not a number.
Soon is not a time.

- The Number: 1.000.000 People
- The Time: June 6, 2025 9:00 a.m MEZ  

That journey begins with you.

My mission is to help people to become the heroes of their own story within the next 36 months.

Some is is not a number.
Soon is not a time.

- The Number: People
- The Time: June 6, 2025 9:00 a.m MEZ  

That journey begins with you.

Our Progress

Helping You To Become The Hero Of Your Story

My dream? Doing my little part in building a better world than there has ever been one before. A world that is governed by truth, conscience, virtue, beauty, love and wisdom. A world of light. How do I plan to change the world?

By helping you to change you. Thats why I'm here, to provide you with tools that will help you to amplify your light.

Who could we be as a species?

Let's time travel to our new future

Let's stop and think for a second who we could be as a species if every individual would adopt a heroic mode of being.

10 Years


What kind of global challenges could humanity triumph over successfully if every individual would realize the totality of their potential?

30 Years


Could the brotherhood of man defeat disability, disease, or even death if everyone would become all they they could possibly be?

50 Years


What kind planet would future generations inherit if we all would start to treat nature as if it was an extension of us?

100 Years


What kind of adventures could humanity undertake if we would start aiming at the stars rather than at each other?



What could humanity become in the final analysis of our species?

What price will future generations have to pay if we fail to overcome our challenges?

We agree, the price our we all have to pay save ourselves from ourselves is hefty, but nothing in comparsion to what we have to pay if we will continue to embody the worst of us.

10 Years


What kind of state will we and our loved ones live in if we all would allow ourselves individually to become corrupted?

30 Years


What chance would we have to prevent a global war if wisdom and virtue became a rarity?

50 Years


How dark could this century become if we as a species fail to protect ourselves from ourselves?

100 Years


Will we have a future at all if we fail to transcend our current limitations & corruptions?

Our Beginnings

A Toolbox For Humanity

One of the people who inspired me to build The Behaviour University was a mentor of mine.

A therapist from my hometown who was one of the wisest individuals I ever met. He was also the father of my best friend at the time, and the three of us would sometimes meet at the Port of Hamburg where we would eat Oysters, drink red wine and talk about life.

In one of these gatherings, I confessed to the group that I had a broken heart and that I struggled to put myself back together.

When my mentor heard this, he did something that I will never forget in my life.

He raised both his hands and he pretended to pull something out of an invisible box that was hovering in the air. This invisible box was his "toolbox" and it contained all his therapy techniques, stories, and exercises that he collected over his many years of working as a therapist.

He then pretended to open the "toolbox" and "handed" me a technique that eventually helped me to fix my heart and to become light and free again.

That meeting was the last time I saw my mentor, he died shortly after of cancer.

While mourning this loss, I couldn't help but not only think about the fact that the world prematurely had to farewell a great man, but also that his toolkit perished with him.

To me, this felt like a whole library was burned to its ground.
A library of light, one that wasn't done teaching.

It was during my time of grief, that I started to dream about one big toolkit for humanity in which the greatest teachers in the world can eternalize their tools of transformation so that they can continue their work even from beyond their own graves.

This is what The Behaviour University attempts to become, a place where teachers, tools, and technologies will help you to  amplify your own light so that you can share it generously with the whole world.

Ready to amplify your light?

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