Julien Uhlig - The Dark Side Of Billionaires

In this episode, we have the privilege of hosting Julien Uhlig, a visionary entrepreneur, investor, and business communicator hailing from Germany.

Welcome to The Psychology Podcast with Daniel Karim! In this enlightening episode, we have the privilege of hosting Julien Uhlig, a visionary entrepreneur, investor, and business communicator hailing from Germany. Julien's multifaceted career has traversed the realms of finance, renewable energy, and technology, where he has left an indelible mark through his innovative thinking, effective communication, and entrepreneurial spirit.

Julien's journey is replete with notable achievements. He has managed deep technology programs funded by the German government, spearheading groundbreaking initiatives at the intersection of technology and sustainability. Notably, his leadership played a pivotal role in overseeing a significant corporate restructuring during a management buyout at Arensis Inc., cementing his ability to navigate complex challenges with finesse.

As a co-founder of EX Venture, Julien has been instrumental in fostering connections between investors and startups in the cleantech field. Through his visionary approach, he has been a driving force behind the transformation of the renewable energy industry. His expertise as a consultant has enabled him to secure over 100 government grants valued at an impressive €20 million for participating companies. Furthermore, he has raised and consolidated over $150 million USD from leading Venture Capital Firms, Commercial Banks, Angel, and Crowd-Investors, showcasing his exceptional network and business acumen.

Julien Uhlig's entrepreneurial prowess has garnered global recognition, leading to features in esteemed publications such as Forbes, Schneider Electrics, CNN, Mashable, Al Jazeera, LA Business Journal, Fast Company, and His exceptional achievements include being crowned the Winner of the Unicorn Pitch Battle 2022, the world's largest startup competition, as well as participating in SharkTank China (Fight for Your Dreams). In recognition of his outstanding contributions, he has been honored as the Best German Technology Startup and has received esteemed accolades such as the Red Herring Winner Global and MTB European Scale-Up awards.

Explore more about Julien Uhlig's inspiring work through his website at, where you can dive into his portfolio and learn more about his entrepreneurial journey. Connect with Julien on LinkedIn at to stay updated with his latest insights and professional endeavors. For a glimpse into his journey and behind-the-scenes moments, follow Julien on Instagram at

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7 Lessons We Can Learn From Julien Uhlig

  1. Embrace Innovation: Julien's career highlights the importance of embracing innovation. He has consistently sought out groundbreaking ideas and technologies, leveraging them to drive positive change in industries such as finance and renewable energy. By embracing innovation, we can adapt to a rapidly evolving world and find new opportunities for personal and professional growth.
  2. Persistence in the Face of Challenges: Julien's journey has seen its fair share of challenges, including managing complex restructuring processes and securing funding for startups. However, he has demonstrated remarkable persistence and resilience in overcoming these obstacles. Learning from Julien, we can develop a mindset that embraces challenges as opportunities for growth and remain steadfast in our pursuit of success.
  3. Foster Effective Communication: Communication is crucial in any endeavor, and Julien's success can be attributed, in part, to his exceptional communication skills. Whether it's conveying complex ideas to investors, connecting with industry professionals, or building relationships with team members, effective communication is key. By honing our communication skills, we can enhance our ability to collaborate, inspire others, and achieve our goals.
  4. Embrace Sustainable Practices: As a proponent of renewable energy, Julien has made significant contributions to promoting sustainability. His commitment to sustainable practices serves as a reminder of the importance of environmental stewardship and responsible decision-making. By embracing sustainable practices in our personal and professional lives, we can contribute to a healthier planet and create a more sustainable future.
  5. Build a Strong Network: Julien's ability to raise substantial funds and connect investors with startups showcases the power of a strong network. Cultivating meaningful relationships with like-minded individuals, mentors, and industry experts can open doors to new opportunities, provide support during challenging times, and foster personal and professional growth.
  6. Embrace a Growth Mindset: Throughout his career, Julien has continually sought opportunities for learning and growth. By embracing a growth mindset, we can view challenges as opportunities to learn, develop new skills, and expand our horizons. This mindset allows us to adapt to changing circumstances, overcome setbacks, and continually evolve as individuals.
  7. Pursue Your Passion: Julien's success can be attributed, in part, to his passion for innovation, renewable energy, and entrepreneurship. By pursuing our passions and aligning our career choices with our values and interests, we can find fulfillment and purpose in our lives. Julien's journey reminds us to follow our passions and leverage them to create meaningful impact in our chosen fields.

By embracing these life lessons inspired by Julien Uhlig, we can cultivate personal and professional growth, make a positive impact, and lead fulfilling lives.

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Julien Uhlig
Julien Uhlig is a German-born entrepreneur, investor, and business communicator with a diverse background in industries including finance, renewable energy, and technology. He is known for his talent for innovation, communication, and entrepreneurship, as well as his commitment to transparency, communication, and social impact. Uhlig's diverse career highlights include managing deep technology programs funded by the German government, overseeing a massive corporate restructuring at Arensis Inc. during a management buyout, and co-founding EX Venture, a platform connecting investors with startups in the cleantech field.
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Episode Transcript

to the 40th episode of the psychology podcast my name is Diane Kareem I'm
known as the nomadic Schooler and in this podcast format we interview the most successful individuals in the world
in order to figure out how they became who they are learn from their Journeys their stories their habits their
mindsets so that you and the guys out there can emulate their behavior similar to
Julien Uhlig Introduction
um embark on our journeys of betterment Julian it's an honor to have you here
before I butcher your introduction you do so many great things you how
would you say you do what you do I'm yeah I do a lot of things and the main question I get when people
reach out to me is how do you actually do so many things a little bit about my background I have been working in tech
companies for the last 20 years initially I'm a musician switched about 20 years industry so my Niche has become
raising capital for startups I love startups I love creating new companies
that's that's when I feel most alive and then take them to a certain level and then hopefully sell them afterwards but
my core passion has been in waste to energy which turns out to be rather complicated so I've been running tech
companies that are heavily government funded in that field for the last 17 years so my main thing has been power
water industry I'm the guy that raises the money I'm also the guy that understands how the
research program works creates a lot of money from government and so I'm the API I think that's really my core expertise
I bring very very smart incredible people together out of Finance engineering arts media to come up with
really cool stuff yeah it's it's a great honor to to have you here and as somebody who for the first time in his
What was the earlier sign that you would become an entrepreneur
life embarks on the wild fundraising Adventure in a way it's it's very cool
that I have the opportunity to learn from you how you do things but also start first
where it all started so to say what was the earlier sign for you that you would
become an entrepreneur if we would take this interview maybe as a journey through your life yeah what is the name
of the first chapter and what's the the content of it so to say I think the I
don't come from an entrepreneurial background like my my father is a pediatrician my mother and my all my
family's in public service um so entrepreneur realism didn't exist where I grew up in Northern Germany like
it like having a startup was was really not a thing um I didn't know anybody having a startup meant you like open the store
and sell whatever designer coffee makers like there was no concept of startup I actually didn't even know how that
worked but I was a I was a pretty good musician I'm a classically trained singer initially so
um if you're a classic trained musician you you really start working on your habits yeah like you're singing your scales every single day since I was you
know six seven years old so I was drilled as a classical little musician and I think that's something that
carried over into anything I've done later in my life and so for me the big change came I had the opportunity I was
18 years old I got a full scholarship to study in New York City and so when I came to New York it was
like of course it was completely different world and the way how I kind
of slid into my my very very first job um was was actually funny story I was
sitting in a restaurant and I was too young to get a drink but I was living in Italy before so I was
already spoiled you know I love to drink a good bottle of wine I arrived in New York and people were offering me Diet
Coke yeah and I said this is not working for me so in the middle of the night you know we had this this crazy scene where
we got a bit drunk the manager of the restaurant got fired yeah and the owner just kind of you know didn't have a
3:46manager anymore so he looked around said hey anybody who ever really worked in a restaurant we need to open in a few
hours I said I've been to a lot of good restaurants and that put up me kind of like on top
of the food chain and that guy believed in me so he kind of gave me the key and said okay you're in charge you're not running this place and and the place was
almost done it was a total disaster we kind of built up a business inside that restaurant and and that
Journey we we did what I loved doing we were playing classical music we had performers we had singers we had artists
we had dancers we were we're doing poetry readings in Italian and for me it
was the most um important business experience because we
were being incredibly creative we were doing what we love doing and we found that other people shared that love and
became an incredibly successful business without a plan without raising any money simply by sharing our passion I would
have paid to be there instead people were paying me yeah and so building that business out of pure passion and and
even without thinking about it and that really people resonate with what we were doing and it meant so much for them what
we offer them the community we built was the first business experience I listened I can be I don't have to be an artist to
be creative yeah I can actually be an entrepreneur and be just as creative and get incredible things done yeah thank
What was your first experience with you
you so much for for sharing that and that's actually to give you a bit back on what my first experience with you was
because it's I think sometimes it's it's invisible what kind of therapeutic impact we have on the people around us
like Julian is actually not far from the place where I grew up in Hamburg in a
way where how many kilometers is there will spend eight years in hamburger I
left Germany six months ago in a way and the reason why I did that was because I just felt there where not a lot of World
Changers and creators in in the space and I felt like a deep longing to meet
people like that and when I met you for the first time it was a very special experience for me
to to have like a real proof of Reverend reference in the real world there's like people who do amazing stuff that build
the future who actually exists were from the same place where I was almost like that it's it's those little proofs that
something is possible that really mean a lot to me that you only Gather in the real world and in regards to people who
had an influence on your life in a way if we go back to the to the epoch of your life before you were in New York
what were some what was your childhood like there in a way what is like if we would describe because I feel the
dissatisfaction before we set on an adventure is an important step in our Quest as well so what are some
significant memories there maybe that shape you into the person that you are yeah I mean I I
um classify myself as as being trans Geo oh so I really always felt that I really
was born in the wrong country like I I don't like being in Germany I think it's too cold I don't like the
mentality I find it limiting yeah it has a very negative mindset uh it's a very
critical Society it's very sarcastic Society brings out the worst in me and
so it's because I was a singer I had the opportunity of 17 years old to move to Italy and get out already for the very
first time and then there's no turning back yeah so um I grew up in Northern Germany
Terrible Weather um single mother my mother was a very influential very uh powerful lady she
became the first female attorney general in Germany in Hamburg actually in Hamburg State and that as a single
mother so I had to raise my my sister pretty much from the age I was 11. yeah so and you know how it's growing up in
Europe we didn't have house staff like we do have here you know we have

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